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Naila and the Uprising, 2017

Animation Director, Animator

Naila and the Uprising is a mixed format documentary directed by Julia Bacha and produced by Just Vision.  The film weaves together interviews, archival footage and animation to tell the story of a woman and her community who bravely engage in grassroots organizing and non-violent resistance during the First Intifada in Palestine.  The film sheds light on an extremely pivotal and misunderstood time in history, and highlights what can be achieved when women occupy important leadership roles.

Notes about the technique

The animation for Naila and the Uprising was shot Under-Camera, using a stop-motion software to capture drawings made on a light box with 

watercolour crayons on frosted film (vellum) or ink on glass. Those images were then superimposed with layers of photographed colours and textures, with some After Effects compositing.

Screenings and Awards

DOC NYC, USA, 2017.  - World Premiere.


IDFA - The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2017.

Dubai International Film Festival, UAE, 2017.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival, London, UK, 2018 - Opening Night Film

International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, Geneva, Switzerland, 2018.

Cleveland International Film Festival, USA, 2018.

It's All True Documentary Film Festival, Brazil, 2018. - WINNER - Special Jury Award

Écrans du Réel Film Festival, Lebanon, 2018.

Filmfest DC, USA, 2018. - WINNER - The Justice Matters Award

Fajr International Film Festival, Iran, 2018.

Mizna Arab Film Festival, USA, 2018. - WINNER - Best Documentary - Jury AND Audience awards.

Movies That Matter Film Festival, Amsterdam, 2018.  - Special Jury Mention for the Golden Butterfly Human Rights Award

Take One Action Film Festival, Scotland, 2018.

Global Peace Film Festival, Orlando, USA, 2018.

Palestinian Film of Australia, Sydney, 2018.

Gaza Premiere at the Red Crescent, Palestine, 2018.

One World Arts Film Festival, Ottawa, Canada, 2018.

Toronto Palestine Film Festival, Canada, 2018.

Peace Works Middle Eastern Film Festival, USA, 2018.

Mostra Mundo Àrabe de Cinema SP-Brasil, Sao Paulo, 2018.

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, USA, 2018.

Durban International Film Festival, South Africa, 2018.

Karama Beirut Human Rights Film Festival, Lebanon, 2018.

Maine International Film Festival, USA, 2018.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival, NY, USA, 2018.

Seattle International Film festival, USA, 2018.

Human Rights Nights Film Festival, Italy, 2018.

Reykjavik Internatioal Film Festival, Iceland, 2018.

DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival, USA, 2018.

Freedom Film Festival, Malaysia, 2018.

Arabisches Filme Festival, Germany, 2018.

Arab Film Festival, San Francisco, USA, 2018.

Vermont International Film Festival, Burlington, USA, 2018.

Witness Palestine Film Festival, Rochester, USA, 2018.

Films for Transparency, Denmark, 2018.

Animation Stills


Naila and the Uprising, behind-the-scenes. Under-camera animtion.

Watch a short behind-the-scenes video HERE.

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