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Blackout, 2013

Director, Animator

Blackout weaves together documentary audio of several storytellers who recount their experiences in Toronto during the 2003 blackout which affected the Northeast coast of the United States and large parts of Ontario, Canada.  It highlights moments of generosity and spontaneous joy and festivity, and a rare opportunity to see the city in an unimaginable light.

Music and sound design for the film was by Tristan Capacchione.  Learn more about his beautiful work here

Notes about the technique

The film was mostly shot "Under-Camera" using a variety of media: Watercolour crayons on frosted film, oil paint and plasticine on glass, combined with some 2D digital animation.  Under-Camera animation is essentially a Stop-Motion shooting technique where an image is changed slightly between each frame. Rather than having many separate drawings, there is one drawing (or painting or collage...) that has been changed many times.

Screenings and Awards

TIFF Student Showcase, Toronto, Canada, 2013. 

Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada, 2013 - Honourable mention, Canadian Student Competition

Dok Leipzig, Germany, 2013.

Bradford Animation Festival, Bradford, UK, 2013 - Winner, Best Short Short


Toronto Animated Image Society, Canada, 2014 - Winner, Best Animation


Toronto Animated Arts Festival International, Canada, 2014 - Winner, Best Student Animation

Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia, 2014.


Athens Animfest, Greece, 2014.

British Independent Film Festival, London, UK, 2014.

DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada, 2014.

Monstra Animation Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014.

Animation Block Party, NY, USA, 2014.


London International Animation Festival, UK, 2014.

Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada, 2014.


Animated Dreams, Tallinn, Estonia, 2014.

Cineglobe Film Festival, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 2014.

Tricky Women, Vienna, Austria, 2014. 

Northwest Animation Festival, Portland, USA, 2014.

Animpact, Seoul, Korea, 2014.

Bamberg Short Film Festival, Bamberg, Germany, 2014.


Animation With Love 4, Halifax, Canada, 2013.

FIA International Animation Festival, Uruguay, 2014.

National Screen Institute, Canada, 2014.


Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival, California, USA, 2014.

Short Short Story Film Festival, USA, 2014.

Frederikstad Animation Festival, Germany, 2014.

Uxbridge Short Film Festival, Canada, 2014.

Platoon Kunsthalle, Germany, 2014.

PAF Olomouc, Czech, 2014.

Animae Caribae, Trinidad & Tobago, 2014.

Bridging Festival, Canada, 2014.

Civican Cultural Centre, Spain, 2014.

Bogota Short Film Festival, Colombia, 2014.

Faito Doc Festival, Italy, 2014.

Christie Pitts Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, 2014.

St John's International Women's Film Festival, Canada, 2014.

Cape May Film Festival, NJ, USA, 2014.

Shorts Not Pants, Toronto, Canada, 2014.

Flying Film Festival, Switzerland, 2015.

Animation for All, Canada, 2015.

International Animation Film Festival Nikozi, Georgia, 2015.

Ottawa International Animation Festival, 2017. (Rescreened as part of a curation called "We All Hold Hands at the End of the World").

HafenkunstKino/Art.Vision, Germany, 2018.



Under camera animaton with camera mounted above working surface and two lighs at 45 degree angles from artwork.  The aniamton is done wih watercolour crayons on frosted film.

Working at an Under-Camera set up, with the camera mounted above the workspace.

Coloured clay painted on glass, shown with and without effect of lightbox.

Film Stills

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